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19-Jul-2017 14:15

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A typical workstation desktop has large areas of solid colour and of text.Some of our most effective encodings take advantage of this by efficiently describing rectangles consisting of one majority (background) colour and 'sub-rectangles' of different colours. We might use a JPEG encoding for still images or MPEG for efficient transmission of moving images.This application note explains how to use the Vybrid on-chip LCD controller in Linux.All software tests documented below were performed on the Emcraft VF6 SOM TWR Kit, plugged into the Freescale Tower system with the TWR-LCD-RGB module connected to the Tower backplane.This means that operations such as dragging or scrolling a window, which involve substantial changes to the screen, may only require a few bytes.Most clients will support this encoding, since it is generally simple to implement and saves bandwidth.The copy rectangle encoding, for example, is very simple and efficient and can be used when the client already has the same pixel data elsewhere in its framebuffer.

As an example, this is a demo project ( and then renders the test image onto the LCD by writing directly into the LCD framebuffer.

The protocol simply allows a server to update the framebuffer displayed on a viewer.

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